Digital Portable Electronic Scale

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Usage/Application poultry
Model Name/Number WH- A08
Type Of Weighing Scale Digital
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Digital Portable Electronic Scale
Digital Portable Electronic Scale

Introducing the Portable LCD Electronic Balance Digital Scale: Compact and Convenient Weighing Solution

Small and Light, Making it Convenient to Carry and Use

Small and Lightweight Design

The Portable LCD Electronic Balance Digital Scale is designed to be small and lightweight, allowing for easy portability and use. Its compact size ensures it can be conveniently stored in your pocket or tackle box, making it readily available whenever you need it.

110lb/50kg Capacity with High Accuracy

High Capacity

This digital scale has a maximum capacity of 110lb/50kg, providing ample weight measurement for various purposes. Whether you’re weighing chicken during a lifting trip or luggage before a trip, this scale has you covered.

Accurate Measurement

The scale offers a high level of accuracy, with a precision of 5g or 10g depending on the chosen unit. This accuracy ensures precise weight measurement, allowing you to get reliable results for your items.

Convenient Features for Easy Use

Multiple Weighing Units and LCD Display

The LCD screen on this digital scale displays weight in g/kg/lb/oz, providing versatility in the weighing units used. You can easily switch between units to suit your preferences or requirements.

Convenient Functionality

The scale features a weighing unit switch and data lock function for added convenience. The unit switch allows you to quickly change the weighing units, while the data lock feature helps retain the weight measurement for easy reading.

Overload Indication and Auto Power Off

This digital scale is equipped with an overload indication, alerting you when the weight exceeds the maximum capacity. It also has an auto power-off feature that automatically turns off the scale after 120 seconds of inactivity, saving battery life.

Durable and Easy to Read

Durable Construction

The stainless steel hook concealed in the back slot ensures durability and reliability during weighing. This feature adds strength to the scale, making it suitable for long-term use.

Blue LCD Backlight

The digital scale features a blue LCD backlight, allowing for easy reading of weight values even in low-light conditions. Whether it’s day or night, you can effortlessly view the weight measurement with clarity.

Invest in the Portable LCD Electronic Balance Digital Scale for a compact and convenient weighing solution. With its small and lightweight design, high capacity, accurate measurements, convenient features, durability, and easy readability, this scale is perfect for various applications. From travel weighing to lifting and beyond, this portable digital scale provides the accuracy and convenience you need on the go.

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