Sharkoferrol P – 5 Kg

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Sharkoferrol P: A Comprehensive Solution for Poultry Health

1: Combat Anaemic Conditions

Sharkoferrol P is a powerful supplement that helps combat anemic conditions in poultry. Enriched with essential nutrients, this product promotes the production of red blood cells, enhancing the overall health and vitality of your birds.

2: Improve Body Weight and FCR

With Sharkoferrol P, you can achieve improved body weight and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) in your poultry. The balanced formulation of this supplement ensures that your birds receive the right nutrients, leading to better growth and optimal feed utilization.

3: Enhance Eggshell Quality

Sharkoferrol P plays a crucial role in enhancing eggshell quality. The product’s fortified composition supports the development of strong and durable eggshells, reducing the risk of cracked or weak eggs and contributing to higher egg production rates.

4: Boost Vaccine Titre

By incorporating Sharkoferrol P into your poultry’s diet, you can boost vaccine titre response. The supplement’s immune-enhancing properties help improve the birds’ immune system, resulting in increased effectiveness and protection from various diseases.

5: Minimize Pullet Eggs

Sharkoferrol P aids in reducing the occurrence of pullet eggs (early or undersized eggs). By supporting the birds’ health during their early development, this product promotes better reproductive maturity, leading to a more uniform egg-laying pattern.

6: Enhance Flock Uniformity

With the help of Sharkoferrol P, you can enhance flock uniformity. The supplement’s balanced nutrition and health benefits ensure that all birds in the flock grow and develop at a similar rate, leading to a more uniform and cohesive group of poultry.

7: Improve the Dressing Percentage

Sharkoferrol P positively impacts the dressing percentage in poultry. The supplement’s ability to improve body weight and overall health contributes to a higher yield of meat during processing, resulting in improved dressing percentage and economic benefits.

Unlock the full potential of your poultry with Sharkoferrol P. From combating anaemic conditions to improving body weight, eggshell quality, vaccine titre, and flock uniformity, this comprehensive supplement is a must-have for your poultry health management. Invest in Sharkoferrol P to witness healthier, more productive, and thriving birds on your poultry farm.


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