10 Common Chicken Diseases

“10 Common Chicken Diseases” pose significant risks to broilers, which

10 Common Chicken Diseases
10 Common Chicken Diseases
10 Common Chicken Diseases

10 Common Chicken Diseases” pose significant risks to broilers, which are chickens raised for meat production. Consequently, these diseases include:

1. Marek’s Disease

It’s a viral illness affecting the nervous system, causing paralysis and tumors in various organs. Notably, vaccination often prevents Marek’s disease.

2. Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro Disease)

This highly contagious viral ailment affects the immune system, primarily attacking the bursa of Fabricius. Therefore, vaccination is crucial for prevention.

3. Coccidiosis

Protozoa of the genus Eimeria cause this condition, impacting the intestinal tract, leading to diarrhea, weight loss, and sometimes mortality. Accordingly, effective management involves medication and hygiene practices.

4. Newcastle Disease

It’s a highly contagious viral infection causing respiratory, nervous system, and digestive issues. Hence, vaccination plays a key preventive role.

5. Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

Various strains of avian influenza viruses can distress broiler chickens, reducing egg production and causing high mortality rates. As a result, vital biosecurity measures are necessary to prevent its spread.

6. Infectious Bronchitis

This viral respiratory disease causes distress, reduced growth, and decreased egg production in laying hens. Additionally, vaccination aids in prevention.

7. Ascites

Not a specific disease but a condition prevalent in fast-growing broilers due to rapid growth causing heart or lung issues. Therefore, managing growth rate and genetics effectively helps prevent ascites.

8. Fowl Pox

It’s a viral disease causing wart-like lesions on the skin, mouth, and sometimes the respiratory tract. Importantly, vaccination is effective in preventing its spread.

9. E. coli Infections

E. coli Infections are Bacterial infections that affect broilers, causing respiratory issues, swollen joints, and septicemia. Therefore, maintaining good hygiene and management practices is crucial for prevention.

10. Salmonellosis

Caused by various strains of Salmonella bacteria, this ailment leads to diarrhea, reduced growth, and mortality. Consequently, strict biosecurity measures and hygiene practices are essential for prevention.

To prevent outbreaks and 10 Common Chicken Diseases spread in broilers, strategies involve vaccination, stringent biosecurity measures, good management practices, and sometimes antibiotics or other medications as advised by veterinarians. Moreover, regular monitoring and prompt action upon detecting symptoms are crucial for maintaining broiler chicken health and well-being.


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